Monday, April 28, 2008

My 26th Birthday

Last Wednesday, the 23rd was my birthday. I had a great day, got to spend the whole day with Gary and for dinner, we went downtown to Ruth's Chris steak house. It was a great day, I woke up to a decorated house, a picture colored by Isabella, and we went out to breakfast for my favorite, bagels! At dinner, Gary and I were talking about the past year and everything I have learned and become passionate about. He told me he loved seeing me pour my energy into learning about natural birth and parenting. I have been looking into becoming a birth doula and so he told me he wanted to pay for the course so I could get started on it. In addition, my parents also contributed toward the course. I am so excited. It is through Childbirth International and mostly online. I will get written materials and I am assigned to a trainer who will grade my assignments and answer any questions. I have to attend two births as a student and observe a childbirth class. I have a few books to read- although I have already read many from the reccommended list. I am so excited to get started. If anyone reading this is planning on having a baby..especially a natural birth, I would love to help you and in turn, you would be helping me so let me know. Well, I have a few more entries to write so that is the end of the birthday one. - ciao!

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Nate, Morgan, Asher and Sayer said...

happy birthday! that is so cool that you are going to become a doula! if i were going to be around with my next baby, i would totally use you!