Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does the experience matter?

Okay, so I just linked to a friend's blog about nuchal cords but I came across this entry and just have to link to it as well. She talks about her feelings in regard to the statement, " Your baby is healthy and that is all that matters." I believe..especially after reading the comments that she was the voice of many women who didn't know how to express how they were feeling about this oh so common phrase. I hope you will all check it out.

Emily's Blog


Becca said...

The nicest thing anyone ever told me after my traumatic birth experience with James was that it is okay to mourn. Of course I was grateful he was alive and was able to recover without lasting damage, but I still needed to mourn and have someone validate my feelings. Eventually, I came to peace with my experience and I can appreciate it for what it is now, but I will always be grateful for that one person who took the time to listen to my feelings and validated them when I needed her to.

Lindsay said...

I was pumping a lot becuase Owen is a very lazy nurser. I try to nurse as often as possible and do nurse him all evening and night. I wish all I could do was nurse but he is very slow. I don't always pump that much just as of lately was doing it that much. It is just more convenient for me, with school and work. Thank you for your sweet comment. I will see you at your shower on wed.