Monday, July 6, 2009

What I have used:

Here are the covers I use if I am using a prefold. They are called Thirsties covers. They work GREAT and we rarely have leaks. I also love all the colors they come in.

These are prefold diapers. You can get the chinese or indian variety. I have some indian ones and find that they are much softer..though I loved my chinese ones just fine. These require the most "learning." Once you figure out the best way to fold them onto your baby, I recommend using a "snappi" fastener. Snappis have replaced one gets poked anymore! Snappis look like a "T" with plastic teeth that hold the diaper snugly around the baby and then you put the cover over the prefold to keep everything dry. These are the most economical at $1-2 each. I used these the most when Leo was very small.

This "pocket" diaper is the Pocket Change brand. I have one that I bought to try out. The pros are that the medium size will fit most babies for a long time. I think it works
from @ 10lbs - 20-something lbs. as Leo is 20lbs and still fits in it. It is very trim for a cloth diaper and when you buy it, it comes with 2 inserts: a regular micro terry one and a hemp doubler for naps or night time. They use plastic snaps around the waist which many people like because it won't wear out like velcro eventually will. The other great thing about this diaper is that even though you still need to "stuff" it with the insert, there are openings on the front AND back and there is no need to "unstuff" the diaper after it is soiled. The insert agitates out in the wash all by itself! These diapers are about $18 each, including the inserts.

This is probably my favorite cloth diaper. It is the Bum Genius one sized pocket diaper. This diaper will fit an 8lb. baby and up through potty training. This picture shows one on the smallest setting. They use snaps to provide 3 size settings in the rise and the velcro tabs allow you to get the snuggest fit around your child's waist. It comes with 2 inserts ; an infant one and a full size one that also has snaps to shorten the length. Honestly, on the smallest setting, they are a bit bulky on a newborn but I started using these on Leo when he was 1 month old and they fit just great! They have really tight leg and waist gussets so I NEVER get "blowouts" with these diapers. I used disposables on Bella till she was about a year old and when she was little, I can't even count how many times we would have to change her because of a blowout. It also used to ruin a lot of her clothes because of that. These diapers are about $18 each as well but since you can use then through potty training, it is well worth the money. If you take good care of them, you can even use them for more than 1 child, saving even more money. Leo is using Bum Genius' that I bought for Isabella. These are very absorbent...probably the most of any diaper I have tried, and at night I just add an infant prefold to the regular liner and he stays dry for almost 12 hours! I have also found that these are not intimidating to dads, grandparents, babysitters...etc. They go on and off just like a disposable.

My favorite place to buy my diapers online has been from Nickis Diapers. They do not charge any shipping on pocket diaper and since those seem to be my favorite, that is great for me! is also a great site for cloth diapers and accessories.

What are your experiences with cloth diapering and what are some diapers that you love???


Tenille said...

I've heard really good things about Bum Genius. I like cloth diapers because my kids have sensitive skin and diaper rash is less of a problem with cloth diapers.

Sweetpea said...

I've used Fuzzi Bunz and Swaddlebees. I've always been scared to switch to a diaper and cover system, but sometimes I think I should try it. I've had some leakage/stinky buildup with both diapers, but love the ease of pocket diapers. Yay for cloth diapers!

Kate said...

My mom used cloth diapers on myself and my brother. She'd 'rinse' them in the toilet before putting them in the washing machine. My brother and I learned early that only Mom could flush the toilet (otherwise, we might flush a diaper). To this day, we have toilet flushing issues in our family.