Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Review

We saw "Babies" on Friday and I will be honest that I was expecting more. It did show differences in how babies live in different countries but it was a bit jumpy for me. I wanted to see more of the anthropological differences of a day in the life of that culture as a baby. With the intention to make the film artistic, it quickly jumped from country to country and left little room for more observation. As my husband said, " It was just a bunch of cute babies walking around."
Of course I was hoping more insight into the birth culture of each country but it only alluded to whether the birth was in a hut or a hospital. We got to see a good deal of nursing from the African mother but I didn't get to see much with the other 3 babies. I happen to know that Mongolia is a very breastfeeding- friendly country with the average child weaning at about age 5.
It was cute to see the grooming habits of each culture but again, we saw quick video clips that didn't give us enough time to really get a sense of what it is really like. Same with the babies learning to crawl, walk, etc. It was interesting but didn't satisfy me. I guess I built it up too much maybe.
Overall, I would say, "don't stress if it is not at a theater near you but check it out once it gets to Netflix!"


Bart and Krista said...

Thanks for the review. I'll wait to see it in the comfort of my own home!

Emily Gibbons said...

I was wondering how this one was going to turn out.
Thanks for posting!