Thursday, July 15, 2010

Induction Seduction

Of course we all want to be done with pregnancy and meet our little ones, but at what price? I know so many people who have experienced the risks that come with inductions for non-medical purposes. One friend was induced the day or so before her "estimated due date" because she was tired of being pregnant and her mother had come into town. As it turned out, her baby did not descend rapidly enough for the Dr./hospital and she was termed, "Failure to Progress"(talk about doing a number to your body's self confidence! ) Her 8lb. baby was born via c-section and she was then required to stay at the hospital longer. Was it worth it to induce because her mom was in town if she was stuck at the hospital longer recovering from abdominal surgery?
Another friend was induced on her due date(another 1st time mother) and her baby did not react well to the pitocin(which makes contractions longer and harder for both mom and baby). Her doctor performed an "emergency c-section". Problem was that the doctor's choice to induce before the baby was ready caused this emergency in the first place.
If you are pregnant or will be at some point, please take the time to learn about the risks involved with induction and the medical management of birth in general. Knowledge is power and if you don't know your choices, you don't have any.

Here is a great article on inductions. "Let the Baby Decide"

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