Monday, March 28, 2011

How I'm feeling at 36 weeks

Well, it is coming fast! I am now 36 weeks and the rest of my pregnancy is going to fly by. My midwife comes to my home this week and I will be seeing her every week from now on. I am feeling "nesty" now. I want my house cleaner than it is...justification for a maid? I want to have all my birth supplies ready but I still have not ordered them. I bought a few items today at the grocery store for the birth. I am getting excited to see Sophia but I am still nervous about how Leo will handle it. He is very clingy to me and he is still such a baby to me. Bella, at his age was so independent and ready to take on the role of big sister. I have some understandable worries about giving birth again...not safety or anything but the pain. I have lost some of the muscle memory of exactly how Leo's birth felt but I do remember that it took me to my breaking point. I have never broken a bone or injured myself in any way so birth was the most pain I had ever experienced. I don't want to scare people off but I am just describing my personal experience. I am hoping that since I now know what to expect, it will not be as bad to me. With Leo, I know a lot of the pain I felt had to do with the fears I had and because of those fears, my body tensed way up and I felt more pain than I needed to. I have decided to go into this birth with an attitude of, "BRING IT". I want to enjoy as much of the birth as I can. I want to let my body take over and just let it happen. I want to listen to my body and do what it says. I do not want to feel like I need other people to "save me" from my birth. I do not want to choreograph the birth but just have lots of options available to me and do what I want at the time. I feel safe with my body, my husband, and my midwives.
This week, I want to print out some good birthing affirmations and put them around my bedroom and bathroom where I will see them a lot. I will update more later.


Lei said...

I found the affirmations I used at Sasha's birth the other day... they came from one of those books you've got that I had read... I think it was Birthing From Within. Anyway, you might like some of them! I'm excited!!! And that pic is so perfect as your header, it looks custom made to your bloground!

mindy said...

I really liked this Labor Prayer that came with one of my birth kits. You might have seen it before, but just in case.

Best wishes and good birthing vibes to you!

Labor Prayer

Dear Father,
thank You
for this new baby.
Would You
protect and nurture
this baby and
bring this pregnancy
to full term.
In labor,
would You remove all
and replace it with
faith and expectation.
Please give those attending
the birth wisdom to
take the best care of
mother and baby.
Please let this baby
be born
normal and whole,
healthy and strong,
and at home with no complications with
baby or mother.
Father, thank you for
hearing my prayer, for
I pray in the name of Him
who is called Wonderful,
The Mighty God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.

by Donna Wilson

Valeria Flores said...

Good Luck!
We'll be rooting for you when the time comes!!!

Jenni and Josh said...

you go mama! You are a huge inspiration to me. You can do it!!! Just think of the amazing outcome at the end :) Keep the good vibes coming your way. Can't wait to hear all about the experience.

Heidi said...

Calm, classical music was a staple in all of my births for the first stages of labor to focus and relax. At the end of labor, the most helpful thing for the pain was my husband pushing with all his might on the electric massager into my back or legs while I did my very best to breathe deeply and release the tension from my muscles. It worked really well for all three of my kids until I had to push and then I became a baby and cried and screamed that it hurt and I couldn't push. But of course I somehow is a miracle and goodness knows it's the hardest thing to do but isn't it nice when it's over! Good luck, I know you'll do well.