Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter is here and this past Saturday, we had our first snow here in Provo. Although I have a huge fear of driving in the stuff, it was a beautiful sight. A fresh blanket of snow always reminds me of fresh starts and the ability to leave stressful or otherwise bad things in the past. Spiritually, I think of the atonement and how we can be made clean and pure as snow. I think I used this visualization a lot in college when it was winter, I was doing tons of rehersals and often had assignments and walking home in the new snow became a wonderful time of relaxation and perspective. I sometimes long for those solitary, quiet walks in the snow at night. As my life has become more complex with adult responsibilities and worries, I am realizing that I will really benefit if I take time to be still and look at my life with an eternal perspective. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and an adorable daughter. All of our needs are met and we are surrounded by people who love us.
Photo by Karla Ehlers


karla said...

Yay! You found my blog! :)

I love the way you view the season and how you so eloquently relate it to the gospel. Thank you for sharing!

Lei said...

I miss those walks (and snow), too. You should continue to do that for yourself once in a while... just make the time and arrangements for it to happen! So good to see you guys... miss you already!

Zoe said...

Hey Sarah!
Love the blog. I wish I could consistently commit to writing in cyberspace. Maybe once the actual pen and paper assignments disappear (only 4 more months...) I'll be able to blog too. You are an awesome mom and I'm glad to see you sharing that gift with others.