Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Bird

So, this Saturday I was driving home and already in a not so great mood when I guess I turned in front of someone...not THAT close though. Well, I quickly waved my hand and said, "sorry" to this man in a big truck. What came next? The bird. Yes he flipped me off. I got so upset and wanted to do something to get back but I just pulled my car aside and he zoomed past me and did it again. I felt so offended. Whenever this has happened to me I have always taken it very personally. It makes me think of the swearing phrase that accompanies the gesture. I couldn't believe he would want to say that to me even after I realized that maybe I had not double checked my blind spot. I called my husband crying and he made me feel better..a little. My point...if any of you out there fall prey to this disgusting and mean gesture, please try to yell at the other driver in your mind....the bird is hurtful.


The Olsen Family said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry about the "bird" situation! This is Natalie Olsen from the 103rd ward. I got your blog from Morgan Olson's. Hope it is okay! We have a blog now too.... theolsenfamily.blogspot.com. Hope things are going well for you!

Lei said...

It's especially offensive when your older kids notice! I'm so sorry that happened.

Zoe said...

Hi Sarah-
That is always distressing. I'm sorry it made you feel so upset. It can be difficult to shake off the hurt and anxiety of moments like that.
On a different note, please keep posting pics of Bella and the family. I love being able to "see" you guys here in Texas.

Erin said...

Sorry to hear that Bella is sick. Hopefully we'll get to babysit her another time. I just tagged you guys. Check out our blog to see what to do!