Friday, January 11, 2008

Holiday Bella


Erin said...

Hurrah...I'm so happy you updated your blog!! :)

Holy Cow! I can't believe how big Bella is! We want to get together this week sometime so our kiddos can play. :)

Jon Becca James said...

Hey Sarah! Rebecca Cox here . . . Bella is so beautiful! (But how can she not be, considering her parents!). She looks like she has a lot of fun in life. I am glad you were able to enjoy a nice holiday in the south.

Take care!

karla said...

So cute!

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

hey sarah, i finally found your blog after my husband told me you had one. i am a big fan of blogging, you can check out our sight at

i thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. although we have a little bit different parenting style, it is so great to hear other perspectives and what works for other people, and also why mom's choose to mother the way they do. i look forward to more!!