Monday, April 26, 2010

Awesome VBAC story!!

So I followed this link from Rixa's blog about great birth stories and am just in awe. I wish women everywhere had access to OBs like this. I hope this will inspire and encourage all my friends who have had a C-section and are not sure if they can have a VBAC. Enjoy!


Kristen (BirthingBeautifulIdeas) said...

Thanks for sharing this link with your readers.

I totally hear ya on wishing that all women had access to care providers like the one I had. I wish too that all OBs were TRAINED to respect birth (and birthing women) like mine did!

Becca said...

That's a beautiful story. It reminded me how empowered I felt after my VBAC.

I thought of a topic I would like you to address: ideas on staying attached to your DH (keeping him #1 in your life) while you practice attachment parenting.

Jenni and Josh said...

My sister-in-law just had a very successful VBAC. That is what she wanted, and after much debate with the doctors, she got what she wanted, and has a VERY beautiful little girl to show. Thanks for showing women how to empower themselves!

Joanna said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing.